New and Improved (and long winded)

I have several fun things to go on about today so SBQ got its own separate post below as I'm sure this one will be long and rambling on its own :)Presenting the improved hair for my Lady in a Red Hat, or whatever she really is supposed to be called :p

I went with a variation of what I was intending on this once again. Once I got into the directions for the Angel I posted a photo of yesterday I realized it was really outline stitch and not long and short so I did a bit of that and liked it so off we go. I'm doing her hair with Sarsparilla and Nutmeg from GAST to make the hair color a bit more natural looking and they were about as close to my color as I could get without it clashing with the hat too much. On a good note not only am I happier with the look, this stitch goes a lot FASTER than all those bullions. Oh well, sorry bullion knots but it just wasn't meant to be LOL
I also got my copy of JCS ornament issue last night. As you've already seen the cover most likely on another blog here is a pic of some of my favorites although there are a lot of ornaments in this issue I want to make.

If you look in the upper right there is a Quaker pin keep and scissor fob done by With My Needle. Last year's issue had the scissor sheath, 2004 had a needlebook and 2003 has a matching Stitchers Pocket! Accessories! LOL My favorite :) I got out my current magazine binder to add this magazine to the stash and I came upon an old ornament. I made this one for a Christmas exchange and never remembered to make one for myself...

This was from Bead and Button's October 1997 issue. I was at a bead store a few years back and saw it made up and they happened to have a copy so I snapped it up, one of those moments where buying is a must as I might not have found it again aside of watching eBay ;)


  1. Love your progress on Red Hat lady! Her hair looks perfect in the outline stitch.

    That page of ornaments is my favourite too - can't wait to get my mag!

  2. Hi:

    Well now the comment section works. Enjoy the week-end!!!

    Looking forward to more posts & photos

  3. I like this stitch better on your lady than the bullions. The whole piece is really pretty.


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