More Trellis Stitch

I'm pretty happy with the over all look of this for the hat. I was hoping for something that would make it look like a woven hat, now I just have to decide what I'm going to do on the hat band.

This is a nice closeup without a flash which unfortunately makes it a bit fuzzy but it shows the texture of the stitch.


  1. LOVE the closeup of the hat. The trellis stitch is really neat!

  2. Just been catching up on your photos here and I love the strawberries! Yum! I love to stitch them too (see my blog header!!) and I want to move on to blackberries soon.


  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    The Trellis stitch looks amazing. I've only tried the tent stitch, so that looks a bit complicated to me, but lovely! Enjoy reading your updates and seeing the various projects. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress on your projects.


  4. The texture looks really nice. :)


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