More Bullions

Ok 3 bullions in and I hate them :( I wanted very much to have some nice curls that looked like hair but I'm just not happy with how this is looking so I think the frog may have to visit this piece today so I can try something new. The hair is drawing too much attention in contrast to the hat and it comes off the canvas just a bit too much.

I am pretty bummed, I was so excited about having this nice flowing hair in ringlets and it just doesn't work for me now that I see it on the canvas so here is plan "B" Using long and short stitch and a bit of chain stitch to create the movement I wanted with a little more flat of a stitch so it doesn't stand out so strongly against the rest of the stitching. I may change the movement of the hair a bit as well as I stitch to make a few more waves, we'll see how that works as I put the stitches in. I had considered doing something like Joan Thomasson does with her many designs but after some careful consideration I realized that the smaller faces/hair is what makes what she does work. Long and short with bullions or french knots for curls, but my lady is just a bit too large of a design for me to get away with it so long and short it is unless I become inspired in the mean time ;)

This is hair done with the long and short/chain stitch technique. I'm hoping this translates better to the larger design than the bullions did.


  1. Looks like you've hit upon a great alternative, Kali! Give it a try :D

  2. That angel is so cute. I love it!

  3. I agree with you about the bullions, plus they look scary to do (to me, anyway!). I think long/short/chain stitching will look right.


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