Bullions and Banishing the Frog

Well, I did my first bullion with the new bullion needles and hated it. The needles are quite thick so they won't snap easily but for what I'm doing here they were a bit too thick. After looking a bit more closely at them I realized they looked strikingly like my tatting needles so I dug those out and did a bullion with the smallest tatting needle and this is the result...

Not sure how excited I am about it. I'm going to have to put a few more in to get an idea of how the finished look will be. I also didn't get around to couching this one down so I have a handy needle there to hold it close to where its supposed to go :) Anyone else have thoughts?

Next we have the second journey on Mojave, minus the frogs :) No More Frogs! I double checked the color and size of the perle cotton so this time I'm sure its correct. I would have had more done but I decided to go to the mall last night so I didn't get much time in for stitching at all, this is all work done this morning as I couldn't move far from Indy, he seems to have a nasty upset stomach this morning :(


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Wow! are you brave. Bullion knots are 'knot' my favorities. I use a Millner's needle...but I don't think I've ever done one quite as long as you're doing on the hair. I think it looks GREAT!


  2. I love your lady with the hat. The bullion looks superb!! They'll add a lot to her hair.

  3. I like the bullion! I think it looks like hair, which I know is what you were after. I've never tried to do a bullion before, but they look hard.


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