Attack of the Frog

*Sigh* and here I was doing so well, I had a miserable headache which had lessened a bit so I sat down to work a bit on Mojave, THAT was a bad idea. I finished the first journey on the center row and kept looking at it thinking I had used the wrong thread. I almost started to rip when I decided even if it was wrong I didn't want to redo it. It turned out to be the right thread after all. So I pull the thread for the second journey and proceed to use the wrong thread, UGH! So out that all came and I put it away for the night. It was just more thinking than my poor tired brain could handle I guess.
Today I'm going to attempt a bullion knot for the Red Hat Lady and see how that goes. I'm to the point on the underside of the hat brim that I need to know if the bullions will work so I know how to stitch in around the hair. Since I have no progress photos to share here are my bullion needles, I put a sharpie in the shot for scale so you can see they are quite long needles. Hopefully this will work as I want it to so she'll have some nice bullion hair :)


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