A Big Red Hat

I continue to be happy with the trellis stitch as my choice for the hat, it was a fun stitch to work and it was fast to do. It is also great that it gives such a nice look. The lighter value of red is now complete so I will have to repeat the stitch on the darker, underside of the hat. I'm also commiting myself to trying to do bullion knots on the hair, I am now reading up on them to see how I can couch them down to allow me to make some waves in her hair. I'm being a bit of a snot I guess in that I want her to be a reflection of me. Ok maybe thats not being a snot, as I'm the one who has to do the work to make that happen. The rotten part will be, if I can make the bullions as long as I want them to be it will have to start a new thread for each one, ouch.

On the finishing front... Twinkle pig and my Jim Wurth ornament are back from the finisher *whispers* notice how actual sewing was faster that "unnamed" needlepoint store inserting a canvas into a premade bag? Oh now where was I? OH yes, I will have photos I will post later, probably tomorrow morning as I have Sit and Stitch this evening so I likely won't want to mess with the blog anymore this evening.


  1. I guess that will be the last time you use the slower finisher. ;) I hope that your bag is waiting for you tonight and if it's not, I hope that you demand your canvas your materials and your money back!

  2. I love the stitch you picked for the hat. It looks great.


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