Another week comes to an end :) YAY! This is my progress for the week on Gloves and Kisses. The grid is almost done, just have to put a few more pieces of kreinik ribbon in and finish the couching. I will hopefully have that done today on my lunch hour and then I can move on to the bullions that make up the rose on the center glove. That also has 2 detached leaves that will be attached like stumpwork. I also have a bit of fixing to do yet on the lipstick, the pearl purl keeps shifting so I'm going to tack it down in a few more places; as I'm going to actually use this bag I don't want to have it shifting all over and possibly break on me.

Thank you to everyone for your comments on Coronation. Yes it is part of a series, the Jim Wurth ornament series from Threadneedle Street in California. There will be a new one every OTHER month that comes with canvas, thread and instructions. You can call the shop at 1-800-484-2752 and enter code 6488 if you are interested. Darn, I should get something for that shameless promotion :) Seriously, I completely enjoyed this piece, as may have been obvious by the speed I finished it :) I can't wait to see what the next one is.


  1. Gloves & Kisses looks great! I love the additions to the tube of lipstick. It looks even better than before. :)

  2. This is looking so good! Love all the lips in the background. :D

  3. I have never seen anything like Gloves and Kisses before. Wow, that is impressive. Very cool. Who is the designer? Ann.


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