"New" to me stash

I was hoping to be able to share the photo of Gloves and Kisses inserted into the Lee bag but alas it was not done this evening when I went to sit and stitch. Not sure why cutting congress cloth down and inserting into a glue backed opening was hard but then I didn't want to do it, I was more worried it would end up crooked, so I will have to wait at least another week. That is all I will say about that before I start on a rant about my dislike of said store lately.

Instead I bring you my new projects I acquired on Saturday. These are all needlepoint projects, some fully kitted others not. They all were calling my name and since I did reduce my stash a bit I decided a few would be ok.

This one is a pulled thread project out of Needlepoint Plus magazine from 1992. Its stitched on Congress Cloth with silks and metallics.

Dandelions & Clover from Lynne Tomlinson. There are more than a few of her projects here around the house, I think my mom has 2 in her stash and 2 more on the walls. This one has some fabulous textures to the stitching and is done in DMC and metallics

This one finished I haven't a clue what it will look like. There are directions and diagrams but no picture. 2 of the ladies I stitch with on Thursday have done larger versions of this technique and I've always loved it but I didn't want to stitch one on the scale of the project they both had done. This is as big as this one gets, just have to fill in the background and fix the boo boo on the border I spotted.

The 4th project didn't have a photo either. It was a Kreinik teaching kit according to the directions in the package. A butterfly done in metallics, not sure what the deal was with all the metallics... I don't like stitching with them THAT much yet every one of these has alot of metallic, rather like my Jim Wurth projects.

I've been working on Twister the past few nights and I feel like I'm getting no where fast. I'm finishing the second square, eventually and it seems like I stitch forever and get nowhere fast. I hopefully will have the square done this evening and will upload a photo of it tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I'm sorry that your bag wasn't ready yet. I'm sure we'll see it next week, unless the finisher is backed up with work. Here's hoping!

    I like the new projects that you picked up. Can't wait to see them when you work on them. :)

  2. Your new stuff looks awesome. I can't wait to see them started. You always pick really cool stuff to work on. Ann.


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