More Progress with Twister

My Deluxe Book Stand arrived yesterday. Here is my new and improved view when working on my stand. Project front and center and the book stand, as you can see, has a chart holder as well as a pin cushion and places to hold tools and hang thread. This makes having everything I need within reach to get stitching done MUCH easier. There are always things "in the way" to prevent that of course, like this...

Really now, how does the pup really expect me to get anything done when he insists on laying directly under the canvas and getting himself tangled in my working thread? LOL

Here is my progress on the newly started square so far, despite canine interruption ;)

My bag, needless to mention as you obviously haven't seen a photo and me bouncing around about it, was NOT done. As we arrived in the shop I spotted it out on the counter with my finished stitching but they hadn't even started it. Then the one who does the finishing left minutes after we arrived so I won't be seeing it for a while now. Next Monday is labor day and the following Monday they will both be out of town so there will be no stitching again. To say I'm upset about this would be an understatement. Its not anything complicated, cut the congress cloth to size, remove the adhesive backing in the opening on the purse, insert stitching and weight it to ensure good adhesion. I could well have done it myself but I chose to let them do it as this piece was on congress cloth which isn't' as easy to ensure a good fit. The canvas designs that were made for the bag all come cut to size so you can't screw them up. I'm thinking its time to scout out a new shop to do the blocking for me when I'm finished with Twister. I was hoping to use my new bag this weekend as I'm going away overnight and the bag is the perfect size, I may still give them a call on Wednesday and see how its coming along. This is something this shop has done before and I know about it so I guess I should have known better, ahh well... Ok enough ranting for now


  1. Sorry your bag isn't done. I had a feeling that something was up when you didn't have a post dedicated to it. I would definitely call them tomorrow and bug them about it. Unless she's really backed up, that's just crazy!

  2. Twister is an amazing design and you're doing sooo well! How much easier it will be to stitch with your new stand and everything so handy! How excellent!

  3. I just love your twister project. It looks so complicated!

  4. I was just perusing your blog and saw the picture of your dog. Is he a Dachsie?? I have a very spoiled rotten one living here. We're definitely Weiner Folk in this household. :-)


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