Meep Meep!

Isn't he fun!?!?! One of the members of my ANG Chapter is also a member in Arizona and her chapter, I think, was selling these roadrunners. Could be wrong on the details there but anyway, she had them and now this little guy is mine. Its a frame weight for working on needlepoint canvases mounted on stretcher bars.

We also had a member pass away a few months back who had her own "store" of projects in her home. No one in her family stitched so all of her needlework was given to the ANG and EGA chapters here that she belonged to. The guilds took donations for the items and split the donations between the chapters and a charity of her choice. I got 5 new projects... like I needed those but, now I have them ;) I'll post photos of them as soon as I remember to take them. I also went on a bead binge Saturday after my ANG meeting so there should be a bit of beading to come as well.


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