Decided perhaps it was time I quit stalling and finish these shaker boxes. I really need the ironing board for other things and half the pieces are scattered about on it from the last time I was working on it.

This one is mom's, the lid it cut and pressed now but I need to get some ultra suede to line the scissor sheath's with so there's no accidents with the tips on the scissors damaging the stitching.

Here again is mine, no those are not the scissors that are going in it :) they were the only pair I could find that fit and didn't have a 4 inch long tail of beads to get in the way in the shot. The little square you see is supposed to be an emery, I'm not sure how they thought I was going to get a pouch of emery in there but as I wouldn't use it as one (not wanting it to get dirty) we skipped that step. The scissor sheath is also different from the pattern, both myself and another lady from my EGA chapter tried to do the tapered sheath that was trimmed in ribbon, neither of us could get the ribbon to lay nice so we opted to try this Nun stitch edge instead.
I now just have to attach the inside lining to the lids and then hinge it to the box and the box itself will be done. The squares of felt get attached to the inside lid for needles and the rectangles become holders for the thimbles you see in the pics, both of which attach into the box with a small thin cord and are then looped onto the buttons you can see inside mine.


  1. Great job with all your finishing. I love seeing it in both colors!

  2. Great finishing Kali, I really like these little boxes.

  3. you did a great finishing job!

  4. Very nice! They both look so delicate. :)

  5. Wow, Kali... those are great! Your finishing is wonderful.


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