Beading Along

Saturday after my ANG meeting we headed over to a newer bead store. I didn't really "NEED" anything but then since when has that stopped me?? This was a kit they were selling that started the whole thing. You got all the beads in a cute little test tube along with wire and directions. I should have just stayed outside or something :) So since I wanted this anyway I decided to wander around and I spotted a rather unusual disc that looked like the one in my aunt's scissor chatelaine. My mind was off at that point. I went and got hers from the car and proceeded to match up the beads to ones of simular style to make my own. That is a post for another day, it would be done now but someone (can't imagine who) forgot about wire! Where is the fun in actually having all the materials when trying to start a new project?

Here is the finished necklace. Took a total of 1/2 hour and it only took that long because I couldn't decide what order to string the beads. The memory wire is far too tight for me to wear, I lasted about 10 minutes before it started to give the impression that the necklace was trying to choke me so my niece now has a new lady bug necklace.


  1. What a gorgeous necklace! It has a really cool Egyptian look.


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