Background complete

The background is now done, the grid is made up of kreinik ribbon couched down with DMC. Now onto the bullion knot rose on the center glove. Better than hemstitching but still not among my favorites. Doing it on the congress cloth is not as easy as doing them on linen.
Ann ~ You asked about the designer, this was designed by Kathy Fenchel. As far as I know right now this is strictly a teaching piece. My ANG chapter had her come in and teach it to use in early spring.
Jenna ~ We recently got my niece a needlepoint kit, she wanted to do something "other than X's" she said :) This one came with 2 small plush ducks and she is stitching the hats for them.


  1. Thanksk Kali. It looks really cool. Ann.

  2. Now that looks impressive! Looking forward to seeing what it becomes!


  3. wow, pretty colors

  4. Good! I'm glad that your niece is still sticking with needlearts. :)


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