Ok, so I headed down to Ohio for the weekend to visit Jay and see what kind of trouble I could get into :D The traffic on the way down pretty much sucked since the easiest highway to get there is under construction so on the way home I opted to take a different route. I took the Ohio turnpike all the way to the end and then into Indiana to catch a different highway north. Now here is a state that knows its priorites haha

This is Ohio's turnpike ticket. Notice how they make sure there is no doubt left in your mind how much they are going to overcharge you for the privilege to drive down the construction filled roads.

Now we enter Indiana...

This is how the ticket came out of the machine. Notice how they are kind enough to inform you where all the FOOD is along the pike??? The tolls were hidden on the back so you can be sure to spend all your money before you leave the turnpike.


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