Coronation... again & July Goals

I'm having entirely too much fun with this one. Here is my progress from the weekend. The Amadeus' were almost fun, they are stitched with Flair. If you've never used Flair just imagine stitching with a nice strip of pantyhose, snags, runs, oh the fun :) I used some Fray Check on the ends to keep it from unraveling and that seemed to help.
Leslie~ I am not one for working on colored fabric at all. This however is 18ct mono canvas so the holes are pretty easy to see on it.
Melanie~ The stretcher bars are not required, it just makes the finishing of needlepoint easier. If you stitch with the loose canvas in hand it often distorts from the pull of the stitches and requires extensive blocking unless you have perfect tension while stitching which I most certainly do not. The stretcher bars also allow me to clap it into a frame so I can use both hands if I need a laying tool for any particular stitch.


Ok, my July goals... what a novel idea that was ;)

1. Finish assembly on mine and mom's Shaker Boxes Umm... no. I don't even have a bad excuse for this one ;)
2. Finish Twinkle Pig No on this one too... I've only been working on it at my Monday night meeting so that doesn't give me alot of time
3. Finish Bent Creek mini's (and give them to the framer!) *cough* Ummm.. I refuse to answer this one as its the same as the previous ones. What's up with that. Perhaps I should sticky this to my mirror?
4. Spend 1 night each week working on one of my "big" projects This one I did manage. I didn't get as much progress as I would have liked but any progress is good.
5. Do hemstitching on Black & White Sampler and put on bell pull No hemstitching, but it is done. I'm still debating on putting it in as I already have it on the bell pull and it looks fine without it. Oh who am I kidding it will drive me nuts if I don't

Perhaps I should be a bit more within what I'm likely to do for August.

1. Finish Bent Creek mini's (I really need to these should have been done months ago)
2. Finish Coronation (like this will be a challenge?)
3. Work on finishing Shaker Boxes (a bit more likely)
4. Finish Gloves and Kisses and get it inserted into my bag.
5. HEMSTITCHING (nuff said) :)

Hope you all had a great weekend! I intend to spend a good amount of time this week hiding inside where there is A/C with these high temps and the humidity so I should have some more stitching than usual for the summer to show off :)


  1. Wow, Coronation looks even more fabulous than I might have beleived. You must really be having fun with it!


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