I've been pretty good about not adding to the stash. I did however feel the need to have these two charts as I got the other 2 of the set on clearance a few months ago and it just didn't seem right to not have the whole set! :) As long as I was at it I ordered the buttons that go on them. The buttons really make the piece with these so I didn't want to go hunting around trying to find just any old button :)

My stitching hasn't been all that productive. Jay was up this weekend and got me Sims 2, oh wow that was a bad idea. I need to be able to stay home and play this one all day ha! I am getting back to it though so any day I'm expecting my other stash splurge for motivation. I won a copy of 2001 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue on Ebay :) Now I have them all 2000 until now. I looked at the older ones but I'm not that excited about the ornaments so no need to go there ;)


  1. Hi Kali: Love your stash : )

    I visited House of Stitches on Friday & didn't get much. Ordered a frame & picked up the 12 Houses sampler (by Drawn Thread). Was so tempted by some of her Shep Bush kits; however, I still have one to do (called heart blooms - or something like that). I saw a Drawn Thread call ed Real Roses that I almost bought -- was $20.00 chart & silks. maybe next trip. I so need more STUFF. What is with our addiction to stash????

    One of my GF's went to the punch needle pin workshop/class on Saturday & she said it was delightful. Said the Prairie moon designers are so very nice.

    Enjoy the week-end : )

  2. That stash looks great. They seem like fun projects to do. No wonder you couldn't resist.


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