Progress... finally :)

Here is some progess on my needlepoint Pig. The background is ALMOST there, now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with the handle of his wand and the hat, then I'm going to add a few beads to the background as there are little white dots on the canvas background.

I also couldn't resist this one. Just Cross Stitch's latest issue has strawberries! EEKKK! As that has become one of the official "themes" of my stitching acccessories I couldn't resist. Speaking of strawberries, if you are in EGA all of the great strawberry things we've made for christmas party favors over the years was in this recent issue on page *checking* 48 *grin* That's where the whole strawberry thing started. I love green and red and it was a great way to throw them together without it looking like christmas :)


  1. Twinkle toes looks so adorable! I think the beads are a great idea. And the strawberries are so cute! Adorable accessories!

  2. Oh my, those are nice smalls and I like Cindy's designs. I think I'll be picking this one up, if I can find it. :)

  3. Thanks for posting a piccie of those CV smalls - I'd been reading about them on the BB and wondered what all the fuss is about ... hmmm now I know! I think I'm going to have to order this issue! :D

  4. Cindy V. has some wonderful designs! I really have to add some to my stash. :D


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