What did you do this weekend?

I did manage to get the final stitches of my Peace tree in. Done, pressed and ready for finishing. I think there is a template for the shape that it was finished in the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue that I got the design and if I have enough of the Needle Necessities this was stitched with that should make a nice cord for the edge.

This weekend, though, that is a whole different story. We got a call on Thursday that our Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazines were in, Mom and I just have the LNS hold a copy for each of us instead of getting a subscription so we get punches in the store cards plus we don't have to pay for shipping. Just on the magazines I think I get one free per year with the punches, not a lot but its still one I don't have to pay for.

Of course, what trip to the LNS is complete without me buying charts I didn't really need? These were all marked down to $1 and insisted on following me home.

Of course we didn't stop there, mom and I have never done anything half way.  We went to another shop that was having a half off sale. Mom is thinking about starting one of the Mirabilia mermaids and another shop was having a half off sale, the Mill Hill treasures she needed included. I of course wandered over to the new charts and decided I couldn't live without this, I'd have loved them all but I settled for one for right now. I also got a bit of fabric for the ornament I bought at House of Stitches last week so I can get started on that and have it done before Christmas.


  1. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Are you planning on adding the beads or leave it as is?

  2. Wow! Congrats on the $1 stash haul!!

    Being able to wear a finished sweater while the rest of us are still knitting isn't cheating, it's smart!!!! :o)

  3. Wow, that's some stash haul - what a great day! :D

  4. Excellent choices in your new stash! Your Orn is looking great, too.


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