Stash Weekend

This weekend several of the ladies from my EGA chapter got together and drove down to Indiana to go to a stitching store we all love. What is it about stitchers that we'll all drive 3 hours to get to a store when there are 3 within 1/2 hour of us?

I finally broke down and got the Lavender Rose Accessories to go with my Lavender Rose Sweetbag. I'm still not excited about all the queen stitches used but its a cute set so I guess I'll live ;) I also got Strawberries so Faire from Ellen Chester and a Lamb ornament from The Stitching Parlor. The lamb is cute but not exactly my taste, I have an ornament exchange for christmas and the person I drew loves this type of ornament.

I also scored a few old magazines that I liked. Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue from 2000. The first year I got one of these was 2005, I think I have found them back to 2003 so I was excited to find a new issue. One can never have enough ornaments. :) The Sampler and Antique has a very nice Quaker Sampler as well as a Bellpull and a blackwork sewing case.


  1. Hi Kimberly!

    You had quite a productive day! And some nice purchases. I've never been to the shop you went to, by I know my sister has been there. I guess I didn't realize you were in Michigan. (I know I am at least an hour from an LNS, and you can't imagine how excited I was to get a Hobby Lobby nearby last fall.)

    Enjoy your new stash...

  2. I'm with you there is nothing like a road trip with fellow stitchers to get more stash. Talking, lunching and shopping are all up there as my favorite things. You got some get things. Happy Stitching, CJ

  3. Awesome stash! House of Stitches is a great store :) I have the Strawberries so Faire piece in my stash, and am looking forward to doing this (black version) as a SAL shortly. And, you're can never have too many ornaments!

  4. Like Cindy, I have Strawberries So Faire as well and will be doing the same SAL with her. I'm with you on the queen stitches, too. I don't particularly care for them, but some designers seem to use a ton of them!


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