Sign Ahead...

Now there were some real winners as we drove back from Oregon. This one is announcing that we are crossing the Continental Divide. Imagine my surprise when I passed a simular sign less than an hour down the highway. You can see here that nice loop in Wyoming? What's that all about???

Iowa was not short of humor on their road signs as well. For the first 50 miles of the state there were no rest stops with signs telling us about "Modern" rest stops that were 55 miles in. This is a sign for the "Modern" rest stop. Now why is wireless necessary at a highway rest stop? In case you want to stop, sit in the car and log on to the internet? I thought the whole point of a rest stop was to get out of the car, and use the facilities?? Apparently not in Iowa, they go to the rest areas and sit in the car and surf the internet, how exciting :) hee hee

And I'm sure you've all seen the Kum & Go signs, I always hoped someone got bored and doctored those photos but oh no, here in Iowa they are. This was my favorite though, how about a nice foot long with that? >:)

Now this one, I seen numerous times along the way, I'm not sure what state I was in when I took it, I believe I was actually in Ohio at this point. Who are they kidding, 2 hour limit? Since when is an emergency come with a time limit? I can just see it, car over heats, you call someone screeching about not knowing what to do they say they'll come look at it. They arrive an hour has passed and they start messing with it and it catches fire, you call 911 they get there but the 2 hour limit is reached... oh sorry you must drive your flaming car away now you've reached you limit for use of this piece of roadway *snicker* Ok yes I'm reaching but come on, it was a little funny :)


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