Shaker Box Update

Almost complete with the stitching on my shaker box. I have to add my name and date to the top (the empty rectangle) and then iron interfacing on the back of everything. After that is done there are some eyelets to be put in that go in the center of each of the flowers. The finishing class at EGA was supposed to happen last month but the person teaching it was sick so it was postponed until this month which is good for me as I wasn't done, nor was I here for the meeting last month. The lining fabric I'm using is here in the shot as well. I was excited when I came upon this print. The colors in the fabric match almost exactly to the over-dye I used for the flowers. The center eyelets are going to be a melon/pink color, I think. I will have to get one in and make sure it isn't too much that they over power the leaves. If that doesn't work I may go with a pale yellow instead.


  1. Your shaker box is going to be lovely! I really like the fabric that you picked for the lining. You have a great eye!

  2. Oh wow, how perfect is that fabric for the lining of your shaker box? Looks awesome - can't wait to see this made up ... it looks stunning! :D


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