Lions and Tigers and Bears....

OH My!  Ok no animals here, I am just a bit loopy this morning from not sleeping as well as I should have and having too much coffee. Below is one of my new books in the stash pile, I entered a drawing at JT Stitchery when I was there for Sit and Stitch a few weeks back and had actually forgotten about it. Imagine my surprise when I got the phone call Saturday saying I had won! :)  I'm quite excited about this one, it has a very unique use of color and decorative stitches as you can see from the examples on the cover. There's also directions for using the different stitches in an assortment of things from samplers to sewing cases with directions for finishing as well.

I bought this one late last week actually and forgot to post about it. After all the fun I had with the Black and White Sampler this was a book the teacher recommended. I had a bit left on my Amazon gift certificate so I decided this book was in order :) I like this one as well. There are lots of motifs charted as well as tips for how to design your own band sampler.

And here we have the Shaker boxes... 2 Shaker boxes ha ha ha *trying to sound like The Count from Sesame Street* :) I stopped where I was on mine and did the base of mom's for her. I'm shocked and excited that I got her farbric nice and straight, I wasn't sure about it but I know it needed to be because she has all the lines in the pattern to announce if I was off. It went together well and hopefully tonite I will start on the lids. I had to get my hands on some skirtex to stiffen the lid. I'm not so excited about using cardboard and poster board to stiffen needlework. Its the same stuff they use to stiffen the skirts on furniture so its a bit more durable longterm than card board. Accidents do happen and if something should get on my piece I want to know that I can spot clean it with a bit of water and not have to worry about the stiffner in it falling apart on me. Also here is the felt for the thimble holder and the needle rest that goes on the inside of the lid. Someone had scalloped shears so I cut mine at the meeting, scalloped sounded a whole lot more fun than a nice "pinked" edge ;) The thimble holder w/ thimble will go in the open space you see in the boxes along with a very small emery.


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Love both of those books and I'm looking forward to what you come up with out of either of them. The Shaker boxes are turning out great. Congratulations!

  2. Oh my ... your boxes are wonderful. You did a great job on them so far.


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