Heading North

After Ecola we headed back north and stopped at Ft Stevens. Lots of sand and a very cool wreck of a boat that is, umm... *runs off to check Jay's blog* OMG Why is it always the LAST thing I look at *grumble* Ok click here to see the wreckage of the Peter Iredale that ran aground in 1906. My camera seems to have eaten my pic of this. If you look closely at the shot above though there is actually a double rainbow there :)

Here is part of the Fort itself. You can walk through it and even fall into the pits where the guns used to sit.

After seeing Ft Stevens we went on North to Astoria. This is about half of the length of the dock and it was completely covered in Sea Lions. There were a few in other places as well, some complete idiot let her 12 year old daughter walk down to them to take a picture, yeah great idea... take a picture, get your arm ripped off, oh did I just say that? *fluttering eyelashes innocently* I have more shots from Astoria I'll post tomorrow :)

And now how would this be complete with out pig showing off :) Here he is doing his Superman impression in one of the phone booths along the way. Odd, I don't remember taking this picture, must have been Jay's fault hee hee :P


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