Heading East

Ok skipping ahead a bit now :) We did go to Washington Park as well while we were there but none of my photos were that noteworthy to post so here we are Monday morning heading out. This is the view heading out on 84/30. What a rotten view they have here eh? This is actually the first time I had seen Mt Hood other than the glimpse I had see from the airplane. The rest of the time in Oregon it was hidden by clouds. this gives you an idea on the view from the plane. When we landed all I could see was the snowcap and a nice layer of clouds blocking view of the rest of anything.

Along the way we stopped at Multnomah Falls along the Columbia River.

And one last glimpse of Mt Hood as we leave Oregon. It looks quite serene for something that has the potential to spray lava and ash all over the state. Oh, I better hide now or Jay is gonna get me for being over dramatic about the volcanos hee hee.

And last last but not least, I couldn't very well not post this one. We are at the top of the pass through the Blue Mountains. Notice Pig is being real smart and sitting on a barbed wire fence. Don't look at me, I didn't make him do it ;)


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