While in Astoria we crossed the Astoria bridge into Washington and drove up the road a bit and found a Fort that we didn't realize was there. This is Ft Columbia that overlooks the Columbia River.

Bright and early the next morning we headed up to the Astoria Column that sits atop Coxcomb hill.

This is Youngs Bay as seen from the top of the column. There are more shots of this in the Oregon album over on right sidebar under the newly added Mt St Helen's Volcano Cam :) No it doesn't automatically refresh but it will show the most current shot when the page is loaded and there's link to the site for the Johnston Ridge Observatory. Jay also has a few pictures from his last visit here including the house used in the film The Goonies

Oh and what would a day be without Pig being a ham. Here again he is trying to defy death by sitting right next to the safety railing at the top of the column.


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