A knitting we will go

Here is my progress so far on my felted jar that I mentioned yesterday. The yarn, as I said, is leftover wool from other projects. The bottom will be this mixed color and the top 1/3 of it will be solid blue. Provided the felting works like its supposed to this will go on my sewing table to give me a place for my scissors and marking pencils, etc instead of having them scattered all over.


Here is my Lee purse as well, I got this for Christmas and have been undecided as to how I wanted to stitch it. I've finally gotten the needlepoint books off the shelf and started flipping through them to get some ideas. They also had some nice ideas at Sit and Stitch Monday.

This is the stitch I'm considering for the hat, done in a Mandarin Floss if I can find one to match the purse. I think this stitch will make it look a bit like a woven hat which should be fun and create some nice texture on the design without a big bulky stitch to snag when I use the purse.


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