Garden Spot Update

Here is the grand total of all my stitching on the plane headed off on my trip. I got the small strawberry done and then started on the hardanger in the bottom corner. I was planning to work on this on the way back, we drove home in a moving van, but I was having far too much fun taking pictures as I drove along to stop and make myself focus on stitching. I've had a couple days off from it now that I am back home as well as I sort through pictures and find the ones I want to upload to share. I took around 750 pics, many of which are good, several of which are not. As soon as that is done I'll put a link up to the album for anyone who'd like to see. In the mean time I've been posting bits of it over on my other blog, The Cave as well.


  1. Kali - Garden Spot looks great!!

  2. Hi Kim ... that Garden Spot sampler is stunning. I haven't seen it (pattern or all stitched up) before.

    It takes FOUR skeins of should be awesome once finished. What are the spools? Metallic or more silk?

    Will be checking back frequently to watch your progress : )

  3. I think i have more silk than I really need but the colors were so cool I bought them :) The spools, the red one is Perlee and the other is Bijoux. Both from access commodities


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