Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park, just south of Seaside. Not a state park like I'm used to here in Michigan, many of them near me involve sand, lots of people frying in the sun and Lake Michigan. In the distance you can see the Coast Range.

Following the path that you can see in the previous picture brings into view Crescent Beach. We could have gone down here but the trail was washed out by rain in 1996 (according to the internet) and I'm not a hiker to climb those walls. :)

A shot of the rock formations in the water looking out at the Pacific from the trail. There was a whale out in the water just north of this point that several people were out watching. I didn't manage to get a single focused shot of it though. :(

Once again a certain "show off" has to get his picture taken. What he doesn't realize is one good gust of wind would have had him falling quite far down onto the rocks in the ocean. ;) Behind again is the coast range and the large rock formation in the far background is Haystack rock.


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