Arriving in Oregon

Now this is not the first picture of Oregon I would have liked to show you but the flight was packed and I couldn't get a seat next to the window *sulk* We were coming in for a landing and practically flew around Mt Hood. It was so close to the plane I had to wonder for a second if the pilot meant to get that close but I kept getting distracted by the GPS display on my monitor showing where the plane was to worry about it too much. We also had a great view of most of the other volcanoes as well. Mt St Helens, Mt Adams and Mt Washington were also visable. Thinking back I should have pushed the two women next to me out of the way and took pictures anyway, the whole way from Denver they were competing as to who's life was more dramatic.

Just the same we made it as did out luggage at the airport in Portland. Not a terribly exciting shot but then it was rather blah out. I still was happier with the rain than what we left in. We got to the airport to leave at whatever insane hour of the morning that was and it was cold but clear. Just as we board the plane we see SNOW !!! and the pilot tells us we'll be delayed because they have to de-ice the plane. ACK!

Here we have pig showing off on the dashboard of the car as we were trying to load the bags so we could head off to the coast, you think he would have helped but NO he's goofing off instead. See if I bring him along on any more trips. I do hope to have a full album with pictures up soon, I've been trying to weed out the not so good ones as I took almost 750 pictures. ;)


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