Another day, another project

Now that the blackwork sampler is done I'm getting back to my regular projects. Here is my latest progress on the Garden Spot Sampler. This is turning out to be quite a fun piece as well, although I am finding the colors called for rather, interesting.

The yellow that you see is bright canary yellow which I was cringing over the whole time I stitched that motif. I had intended to work on my Winter Queen last night as she is the project currently in my stand but I wasn't in the mood so I grabbed this one instead. I seem to have lost some momentum on my larger projects which really needs to change but yesterday was quite the day. I've never posted about this before but over the past few months I've been going through the joy of a divorce. Yesterday was my court appearnce to make everything final and all that actually sounded good was a nice glass of wine and a big box of chocolate. I managed to refrain from too much of the wine, I had a glass when I got home and then it was time to head off for my Thursday Sit and Stitch. Most of the ladies there were in the class for the blackwork sampler so being able to show off my finished piece did brighten my mood a bit. Most of them weren't even half way done. As I in the past have had the reputation for never finishing everything they were surprised to say the least. Before I started this blog I really was horrid at finishing my work. I had several dozen projects started and seldom actually finished any of them. When I finished Brittany's Quilt at a Sit and Stitch they teasingly stood up and applauded. :) Then I started this blog and the fun of being able to post my progress of my work and being able to see everyone else's progress as well keeps me going. Its been a far better motivator that real life ever could be.
Thank you to everyone who takes a moment to leave comments, I do love hearing from you all. I do my best to get around to yours but as most of my internet time lately is on my breaks at work I don't get through as many as I'd like but I'm working on it.


  1. Your new project looks interesting. I agree the yellow is quite bright, but I like it. ;)

    Sorry to hear about the divorce, been there myself several years ago and can relate.

    I agree that blogging is a great place to show off finishes (and in progress too). I feel the same, that it's helped make it a lot more fun to work on projects knowing I get to share with a lot of people! :D

    You did a great job on that blackwork project you deserve many kudos! :D

    Have a great weekend.

  2. So sorry that you are going through a divorce! I was in the same situation a few years ago, so if you ever need some to talk (cry, rant) to, I'm just an email away!

  3. Divorce is always a pain, isn't it? The one thing I've never heard anyone say about a divorce is "Ooooh, that was fun; let's do it again!" ;) Congratulations on holding yourself together and getting through the process. *hug*

    And congrats on being able to show off your Black and White to the gals, and make them feel bad for not having finished it yet! :D

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    The Blackwork piece is beautiful. I also collect pigs! So many time friends will say "I saw a pig and thought of you."(isn't that just great! lol) I've also been through a divorce, you will find that you are much stronger and life is much better.
    Shirley, CT

  5. Sorry it's been while since commenting, but I'm about two weeks behind on blog reading :( Just wanted to say I agree with you about blogging - I've achieved more stitching since blogging, and feel guilty when I see everyone else's accomplishments and don't have any to share ... getting feedback on WIP's is so motivational and makes you enjoy your stitching more, I think. Sorry to hear about your divorce ... let's hope it's start of bigger and better things for you personally :D


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