Superbowl Sales!

No I haven't been stash shopping again,  Ok so maybe just a little bit. My Inspirations Magazine came in at one LNS so we went to pick it up last night and they were having a store wide 20% Superbowl Sale, and there was a shiny thing that distracted me. Next thing I knew I had a chart paid for and it was too late.

I did manage to limit myself to 2 new charts in addition to the magazine I was picking up so they were all covered by the gift certificate I got for Christmas from my boss. I'd been saving it to get Maidens of the Season II from Mirabilia and there is just enough left when it comes in. Earlier last night mom was going through her stash in the attic to find a chart she wanted and I was perusing her stash while she was hunting. I got all of these out of there that she's decided she may never get to making.

Because I completely needed more in my stash eh? I went to put them away and was rearranging again and found 4 other projects I had forgotten about. Now my stash is up to 200 projects. Must... stitch... faster

Coming up over the next 2 months I have 2 classes I will be taking that I'm quite excited about. The first one is a test class. We have a teacher in our EGA chapter and she has a blackwork piece she is going to be teaching so she's have a test class to have us go through the directions and make sure people will understand it as she's written. The other is with Kathy Fenchel, called Gloves and Kisses.

This one is done on canvas and the design fits into a leather clutch by Lee so it can be used as a cosmetic bag.


  1. Your stash is really growing, but sometimes we just have to and it looks like great designs. This will inspire you to stitch more right? Happy Stitching, CJ


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