Still Stitchin'

Almost there with this one. I am extremely pleased with how the color contrast looks despite my dislike for working black on black. I think the finished piece will be well worth the aggravation. I have just the red left, both the black borders are in now, just some red to get finished here.

I've been cleaning... again. I was looking for a chart and couldn't find it so I started tearing everything up and reorganizing everything AGAIN. Gee, imagine my surprise when I found a ton more projects that I didn't have in my stash album. Wait, I need a moment to pretend to be surprised. I'm up to 240 projects, I have one on its way to me that was a gift that I'm aware of, but that really needs to stop so I can try to catch up ;) We'll see how long that lasts as I have the willpower of a child in a candy store. I will get to pick up one more thing at some point here, Maidens of the Seasons II from Mirabila is on order and should be appearing, not sure what happened with that order the LNS said the order is late, not that I care so much as I'm not starting it but I do want to get it to go with part I before they do something silly like discontinue it.  And I'm not about to give up my magazines either. I get Inspirations and Embroidery and Cross Stitch and I love them both.


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