Shaker Sewing Box

Here's the update on the Shaker Sewing Box. After deciding that the linen thread called for just isn't going to cut it to hold the box together I picked a silk out and have restitched the border with it over the linen thread, I just couldn't bring myself to tear it all out and stitch it again and you can't really see it anyway. I like how this color shows up much better but now I'm noticing how close in color it is to the leaves? that I'm doing over one in between the lines. I don't mind the lack of different color but now I think I'm going to have to rethink the color I'm using for the eyelet that goes in the center of the leaves. Its a bright peach/pink color and with all the subtle blues and greens here that might be just a bit much. I will have to look next time I am out for something a bit more subdued to use for the center so it won't stand out quite so bright against everything. Not sure about that though, perhaps I will put one in just to see how it looks before I get more thread.
Not much more progress happening. I've had a cold trying to get me for over a week now and it finally won its battle yesterday. I got home from work and went straight to bed and stayed there almost non-stop until my alarm went off for work this morning. Am feeling a bit better today, just drained mostly, so hopefully it won't keep me down all weekend. There is an exhibit at the art museum here in town of dresses from movies. All of them beautifully embroidered, etc that I am supposed to be going to tomorrow and I'll be sorely disappointed if I have to miss it. Right now I'm just hoping to be able to take a few pictures, I'm not sure on the rules though, some of the special exhibits its ok but others, like the Egypt exhibit I saw a few weeks ago you'll get yourself tossed out for it. Hope everyone out there has a great weekend :)


  1. Your progress looks good so far! Hope you are feeling better soon, those colds are not fun. Have a great weekend. :D


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