New Starts

Got a few new things going now that I've removed a few things from the WIP list. I was actually trying to not have it so out of control but the projects were calling to me. I got a start on this one, the Summer Needle Roll from Lorri Birmingham. I figure this should be a quick stitch and I will have another roll to add to the pile. I somehow wound up with 2 darning baskets from Longaberger so after seeing someone else with the same idea I've decided to fill one of them with needle rolls that I've stitched.

My other starts are added to the sidebar but I have yet to put the needle to the linen and make any stitches but they are out and will get done. On our EGA "Mystery Trip" last year one of the ladies designed a name tag for everyone to stitch so I'm going to get going on that as I can't currently find most of my nametags, I am also going to get Indigo Rose's Garden Spot started as well. I have all the fibers and fabric ready for them and they have now taken up residence next to my chair in the living room where I stitch. I figure I should probably get the last 2 finishes put together first or they may get lost on my sewing table though, I am hoping to make tonight a finishing night provided nothing else gets in the way to make that happen.


  1. I recognized that new start as soon as I saw it. :) Sounds like you have some great projects lined up; can't wait to see them all!

  2. That needleroll is so pretty, I can't wait to follow your progress. :) Your finishes in your previous post are beautiful! Does that small pin cushion fit into that silver case?! It's stunning.


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