What's NEED got to do with it?

But really now, it was all on SALE :) I got this batch at Hobby Lobby when I stopped in to pick up a DMC color I needed. DMC Skeins should be endless so I can avoid this situation.

Today we had some things to take to the finisher and there are 2 other stores in the area we stopped at. First was Shay Pendray's Needlearts Inc in Dearborn, then we headed over to Westland to Stitch-n-Time only to find tons of charts 60% off!

I thought these mini's would be excellent in the White Scroll Frame I found a while back. I got one that looks sort of like each of the 4 seasons since I know I am entirely too lazy to keep changing them for each of the months.

And I finally found a Tacky Bob!! If you haven't seen these you should check them out. Its about the size of a mini cd case and the inside is tacky to hold beads securely and there's a magnet for your needle to make beading a bit easier. I've tried to order one of these on more than one occasion and I was excited to finally find one.


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