Got another wedge done on Twister this weekend. For those of you who have seen this and think its cool and want to try it, let me just say this. I had the very same thought when I bought it and then I started to stitch it. Its more of a learning piece than anything and by the time you're done you'll be a master at compensating stitches. As the wedges narrow you have to do this on each wedge, completing as much of the stitch as possible within the space. I don't mind it so much but my mother started it as well and hers has been banished eternally to the "Never going to finish" pile ;) No I'm not trying to deter anyone, this is a fabulous piece, I've seen it finished, In my humble opinion well worth the effort.

Peace tree here has been coming to work with me so its coming along as well. Perhaps I might have it done by next Christmas. When its done I'll have it finished up as an ornament, I was thinking making it a tree shape would be cute but I don't know how well that will work out, perhaps an upside down triangle wouldn't be bad.


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