First of all here is a much better picture of Earthdancer. I got her cleaned and pressed tonite so I can get to the ultra suede trim and the dreamcatcher.

As for my resolutions... where to begin. I made a resolution several years ago not to make any so here I go breaking it :) Ok I won't call it a "resolution". I'd LIKE to get the stuff on my WIP list here done this year. Many of these have been hanging around far to long and I don't even have a lame reason why I haven't completed them other than I'm being lazy, particularly Winter Queen and Earthdancer. They've been around far to long to have to see another year unfinished. I also need to get myself in gear with Twister. I was doing very well and doing 2-3 "wedges" per week on it and I fell hopelessly behind. Now its been banished to a bag along side the couch. Its alot of compensation so its frustrating to work on but I must make time each month to get some done on this. Its a fabulous piece done and I would much rather have it hanging on the wall then in the bag. Those few aside I have been better about finishing things in the past year. Now I just need to keep up with that and not start more than I can handle. I'd like to keep my WIP's under 10 at all times just so they're easier to manage.


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