New Years Progress...

Got Earthdancer a bit farther along this weekend, I did have plenty of time for that being a 3 day weekend and all :) She's getting a much-needed bath this evening. After she's dried and pressed I can put on the ultra suede and the dream catcher, there are a few bits of beading that need to be done as well. I thought I would never see the end of the trees those. Those 3 small trees were about 8 hours of work which seemed like an eternity.

I dug the winter queen out of the abyss that is my closet. I got her back on her frame and threaded up my needle, only to realize there was a spot on my nice white linen, not so impressed about that so she got spot cleaned on Friday night before I was even going to put a needle to it just incase whatever I had gotten on it didn't want to come out. Fortunately it did and now that I have Earthdancer ready to be cleaned I started work on her this morning. Still can't say I'm so impressed with the scroll frame but I have it so I can comfortably work on it in my recliner. My arm was quite tired from holding Earthdancer in a hoop so long term, the scroll is a much better idea.


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