Monday Again?

I am so not excited to see Monday again...ugh. Oh well ;) This is my project from the weekend, Twister. I managed to get about 3 segments done on it while watching movies Sunday night. Yes, everyone cringe, that is tape you see over the thread there. Its painters tape which is supposed to have low adhesion so it could be worse but this helps me immensley when it comes to compensating the stitches to fit in each of the wedges. If you haven't seen this design, its done on 24ct congress cloth and the "pattern" is a book around 1/4" thick. My Monday night stitching group was doing this as a group project but everyone has kind of fallen off to do other projects, 3 of the 8 have finished theirs. Mine will get done as I think this will be a fabulous piece framed on my wall, I'm... umm... pacing myself, yes that's it :) It really doesn't take as long as it did when I started it though, there are something like 87 different stitches in it but they're all based on 6 "types" of stitches; byzantine, scotch, jaquard to name a few so they move along once you've got the hang on the stitch. The only time consuming part now is I'm using my trolly needle on every stitch to make sure the threads lay smooth so that does take a bit more time.


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