Another "Almost"

I almost have my rabbit done, I took him with me for sit and stitch and the LNS on Thursday and finished everything I could. Silly me, forgot to bring along some charcoal for the eyes and I haven't taken the minute yet to dig some out of the stash and finish it. Looking at it now on here though, I see some gaps in the green that I may go back and fill in for a fuller look. This will most likely be finished into a small pillow so it will have a bit of a curve from the pillow form and those tiny white spots will just get worse if that happens. As solid as the stitching is on the back I'm rather surprised, I must have had a few areas that just didn't stay in as well as they should.

And I was bad again and found a Mirabilia I just had to have. It was 50% off and I've long loved this set of seasons. This set is spring and summer, now I'll just have to track down fall and winter. I also had my eye on the Christmas elf ;) I have a gift certificate to the LNS that was a gift from Christmas so I may have to indulge in those two.


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