A finish and Mirabilia Progress

Here is the ciper bookmark I was working on last week. Just a simple one, this is 32ct raw linen and the initials are stitched over one. Then I did a very short straight stitch around the edges before I frayed it to keep the main piece together.

I did some work Sunday on Winter Queen. It does seem that I have forgotten how to count linen threads though as I've had to frog the hair twice now. There is still actually one section that is off by a stitch but I didn't notice it until I got the third color in so its staying and I'm just going to have to adjust the rest of it around it because there is no way I'm frogging quite THAT much stitching. I decided on Saturday to give working on a floor stand a try. That actually didn't work out too bad considering. Its a wooden stand that bends over infront of you which does pose a challenge since I sit in my recliner to stitch but I think I have it figured out so I can get it close enough to the chair and work on it. I'd prefer if I could clamp the side of the frame as then I could put my feet up but I guess I can't always have my way on that one. Rabbit is coming to work with me today so I should be able to get him finished up as its just the eye and a bit of filling in to go on him.

I keep procrastinating on Earthdancer now too. There really isn't so much left but I was debating on how to work the dreamcatcher and I've decided I'll need to put her on a scroll as I don't want to use a hoop since I don't think ironing is the best idea after working with Bravo. I actually had the thought to wash the thread first to help prevent some of the possible bleeding. I will probably give that a try with a piece of it first in a cold water and salt bath to try to set the color. After all the work and all this time I will be extremely upset if it should come off on the fabric.


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