Winter Cape

I'm on to the trim on the winter cape, I'm rather glad it doesn't have sleeves as I don't know that I'd really want to fight with trying to make them to fit the small opening for doll's arms. Hannah was available last night so I tried it on to make sure the length was coming out right. Someone is in desperate need of a brush on her hair, perhaps I should have gotten her a brush instead. I decided to add some velour trim to the ends instead of getting new yarn to add the white fur. The velour will work perfect and I have in my stash so no new partially used skein of yarn sitting around.

I finally got the ecru boarders in on Baroque, now I'm just starting on the red bands. Getting the design base in should help as this piece progresses to reduce the amount of counting and keep everything consistent.  After these there are a few "circles" or smyrna's I have to put in before I start the fun part of the stitching. There are so many pretty threads in this one, I can't wait to see it stitch up.


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