Thanks Santa

Santa apparently decided that I didn't have nearly enough projects to keep me busy this year.

I saw these clowns while I was in New Jersey for Thanksgiving and talked myself out of them, instead buying "Cerise" by Amy Bunger. "Santa" however, after pointing these out to me to see if I liked them, made sure I was distracted and got them anyway.

And a Lee canvas & purse!! My LNS had a trunk show in July and I keep looking at this one, finally talking myself out of it. Again "Santa" was right there keeping an eye on me.

Christmas overall was great here. The family was here, nothing decided to break on us unlike last time we had family over and I found myself on the floor in the kitchen trying to clear a block in the drain, ugh! I Hope everyone else had a great holiday as well, and now back to work I go, darn... I miss that 2 week Christmas break they give kids in school, why can't work be like that? ;)

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