Progress on Rabbit

This has got to be the slowest progress punch needle piece I've ever worked on, it seems like I am stitching forever and getting no where. The forest green section of the background is actually an ENTIRE skein of sampler thread - I will never get used to how much more thread this uses. Fortunately I had some more here in the house since I've banned myself from going to stitching stores until after Christmas.

I got this from 2 of the ladies I stitch with on Thursdays. They each got one at a class they attended to hold thread scraps and thought they were so cute that they came up with a way to make their own for the group of us. They don't know me at all from the fabric they picked here *insert sarcasm* Strawberries and Fairies are the "theme" of my stuff, my stitching bag has this same fabric, I have a smaller bag with strawberries embroidered, my basket has strawberries. All my tools that I've beaded have one or the other with the main theme of color being red and green. I will have to get some pictures of the bead tails on my tools, etc and upload them this weekend.

Thanks for all your comments on my amulet bag. I may have to make sure whatever I have on at Christmas will allow me to wear it as its too small to actually be "useful" as the opening in it is just big enough for 2 fingers to fit into. I'm debating on making another one as I have a whole book of designs and another kit in the wings here. One thing at a time though...


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