Out of thread?

I can't believe it, I just can't. *sigh* Here I was making excellent progress and almost complete with pig and I run out of the main color I need for him with just a small bit to go, doesn't that figure. Needless to say I was annoyed enough at this development to stop working on him all together for the weekend until I can pick up some more pearl cotton tonight. I also realized I didn't have the pink that I need for his nose so I'll have to pick that up as well. Not bad though, I just have the small area on the bottom of his chin, the nose and the ear of corn which I may be able to get finished tonight when I meet for stitching, we'll see.

Since I was mad at pig but still had some good free time to get some stitching done last night I got my "Still Stitching" Pocket out and got some work done on that. This project was a great idea when I got everything for it but working black on black for the boarder is decidedly *not* fun. I have a task lamp clamped to the table next to my chair for additional light when I'm working which ended up almost in my lap pointed at my face with the fabric between it and me so I could see all the holes to do the back stitch border on it. I got that all in after counting it out twice only to find out the red diamonds are off somewhere so now I'm frogging that part back to the center point and I'm going to work in from the other corner and hopefully get it righth this time.

 I didn't get anything done on Earthdancer this weekend. I am really not so impressed with those trees and was not having fun stitching them so I decided to give her a break for the weekend and I'll work on her some more sometime this week. With all the things happening this week I think I have plans every night but one so I'll be hard pressed to find some stitching time.


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