More Gifts

Not mine but worth sharing just the same. My mom stitched these for my aunt. Both she and my aunt have the large Lee purses and these are the wallet and checkbook cover to match hers.

My aunt stitched this for my niece for her Winnie the Pooh tree. Most of the ornaments on it are blown glass but my aunt thought it would be cool to stitch one for her and this guy could pass for Pooh, sort of. For the record... this year the part of Santa was played by mom. She is pretty good at sneaking things like that. The LNS store the red bag came from, mom called and they packed it up for her and invoiced it over the phone so I couldn't find out what it was and she just had to pick up a plain brown box, pretty sneaky ;)

Just to ammend this post. Cindy left a comment asking if everyone stitches. My mom does, she's were I first got the bug. My brother learned to cross stitch several years back but you won't see him pick a needle up much anymore. We've now moved on to teaching my niece how. She's currently got one of my DMC Mentor kits she's working on and I've started her on knitting as well. My mom also got my aunt started on it, mom being biggest "over achiever" always finishing something. I have pics of her finishes that are around the house if anyone would like to check them out, the album link is here


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