Happy Dance!!!

Its done! Horray! *throwing streamers about* Can you tell I'm a bit excited to see the end on this one? I love him but oh was it boring to do that much basketweave!  I didn't get it done Monday evening as I had planned. We stitch at a local shop and everyone decided to bring a dish in to have a pot luck for the holidays. Well.... several bottles of wine later stitching just didn't sound like such a good idea after all ;) Off to the finishing pile it goes! This was intended to be a pillow which is why I did it in basketweave and probably still will, I will just have a bit of a hunt to find fabric that I like with it.

This is my next intended start, Baroque by Jean Hilton. This piece is part of a series that in includes Rococco and Mystique. For the record that canavas is hunter green not black as it looks here on my screen. No more black for a while if I can help it. I have quite enough with my Still Stitching pocket to make me blind right now


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