Early Christmas

A bit of an early Christmas this weekend... A friend I haven't seen in a while was visiting and wanted to get me something "stitching" for Christmas so off we went to the store. I was actually looking for one book in particular but I am a train wreck in a store finding 10 things I didn't know I wanted anyway.

The book of Thread Painting. I have yet to open a book in the A-Z series that I didn't love; this one is no exception.

And lastly, the final Jane Nicholas book that I didn't have. I learned stumpwork from her at the EGA National convention in 2000, It was an excellent class and I love the technique. This of course reminds me that I should really stop procrastinating and get my stumpwork WIP finished. I really tried to get some stitching in, just nothing of any great significance as things have been hectic with all the Christmas things going on. Hopefully I'll have something to show off by this weekend, I'm hoping Earthdancer will be to a point where she'll be ready to be washed and then work on attaching the ultra suede and bravo to have her finished.

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