Christmas Party Fun!

Tonight was the Christmas party for my EGA Chapter, always fun :) Each year the committee makes a gift themed with strawberries. This year we got the small strawberry pouch you see toward the left of the shot along with fabric to make a larger one.

Apparently we're having a class on how to do this, I tried to bribe the woman who's teaching the class to make mine but she wasn't biting. Rats! :)

We did our ornament exchange as always. I brought my punch needle sheep. It was a tough choice but I completely forgot to make another ornament for the exchange so I just brought one of them I had newly finished. I gave up one of my 4 punch needle ornaments and got this hardanger one in its place.

All kinds of fun things for everyone though. Along with the charts below I got this pack of DMC Linen thread, not sure what I am going to do with it but I can ALWAYS use more thread

This was in a bag on our chairs when we arrived. Some small charts, samples of new colors from Zwiegart just the size for some ornaments and some Kreinik thread.

And the charts... They take all the donations from shops and vendors and make up gift packs that they draw for. Not all of these are mine, some I got from others because they weren't they're taste, etc.

Rose Arbor from Victoria Sampler

Mystical Wizard from Rainbow Gallery

And last but not least, punch needle projects from The Workbasket. Over all a great time, dinner was fabulous too :) Now I'm off to get some much needed sleep.

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