Amulet Bag

I would have titled this another happy dance but really I have no good excuse why I didn't do this a while ago. I got the brilliant idea to make I-cord on my 0000 needles for a strap on this, which was a good idea in theory until you have to knit 36 inches of I-cord on those bitty needles. It was cast aside as I really wanted to do something different for the strap but couldn't decide what, and I completely hated the beads that came to embellish it. Last night I finally made the decision a twisted cord would work, I just made it thinner than most so it didn't look too heavy with the bag. Overall very happy with this one though I don't know why I didn't consider a thin cord sooner so this would be done.

Thanks to everyone for your comments on pig and for stopping by to visit me, helps keep me motivitated to get things done as I can't wait to share them


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